How to achieve independence from credit card debts?

A credit card debt is a financial obstacle that can hold you back and put you in harm’s way if not acted upon. Such a debt can hold you from truly enjoying your life as the interest rates on an average are about 13-16 percent. The only way to get ahead is to get that credit card debt paid off.

Some vital steps that can set you on the right track towards dealing with such debts are:

1) Keep a tab on your expenditures and try to reduce them

The best way to achieve this is by monitoring where exactly every penny of your money is going and reviewing them once a week. By reviewing them, you can cut-down on unnecessary expenditures. This can help you free up some cash to help you pay your debts. You will need to do this before the debts become insurmountably high and become difficult to pay.

2) Find out a way by which you can earn an extra buck

You can earn some extra cash on a regular basis by working extra hours to cover your expenditures. You could also consider selling some stuff which you no longer need on free ad websites. This can help you make a speedy recovery from debts.

3) Interest rates can be lowered by credit card companies

Try to negotiate with the credit card companies to lower your interest rates. A good credit rating can help you this way as even the credit card companies wouldn’t want to lose a potential customer. If your credit rating isn’t that good either, they might still want to work as they’d rather get their cash back at a lower interest rate.

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4) List and execute debt recovery

List all your credit card debts from highest interest rate to the lowest interest rate. Pay the interest rates on each of them except for the highest-interest card. As for the highest interest card, accumulate every penny until that debt is paid off. Once that is done, now pick the second highest interest-card, and repeat this until you are cleared off from all credit card debts.

These simple and clear steps are what it takes to get back your financial freedom and independence from credit card debts. It’s a step-by step process which when religiously followed can free you from debts and put some extra cash in your pockets as this is the money you no longer need to pay towards those payments.

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